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Concept X simplifies the complex world of digital advertising and makes it easier for you to reach your goals.

Who we are

Welcome to Concept X

Concept X embodies the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and progress. 

The X symbolises the crossroads where new paths are formed and connections are made, reflecting our commitment to creating market-leading ad solutions through partnerships and collaborations. 

By continuously exploring new business areas and opportunities, Concept X is dedicated to driving growth and progress for our stakeholders in the digital ad industry.

Our stakeholders

We’re breaking down barriers to drive sustainable growth for all stakeholders


Streamline your advertising


We know that navigating the fragmented media landscape can be a time-consuming task for even the most experienced marketer.

We simplify the buyer journey and help you free up time to create more efficiency in your daily work to unlock greater creativity for campaign strategy and execution.


Empower your success


We understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to empower you to overcome these obstacles and thrive to avoid getting left behind.

We're dedicated to providing the tools, resources, and expertise that will not only help you navigate this complex landscape but also make you better at what you do. 


Supercharge your growth


We know firsthand what it takes to start and scale a business in the ad industry. All we do, we do to trigger a domino effect benefiting everyone.

We supercharge entrepreneurs within the digital advertising industry by removing roadblocks and accelerating your journey to market dominance and, ultimately, sustainable growth.

Our why

We’re on a mission

We’re on a mission to simplify the buyer journey and driving innovation to create better ad products and smarter ways of working for sustainable growth.

Our solution

Market leading ad products, technology and services

With market-leading ad products, technology and services, we simplify the buyer journey for all stakeholders and drive sustainable growth through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a platform that empowers everyone to succeed.

Join us and experience the power of collaborative growth.

Our dna

We believe in shared goals and shared success

At Concept X, the true currency of our success lies in strong partnerships based on shared goals, commitment, and success.

Our focus on innovation, strategic partnerships, and investment in ad technology and services ensures you have the tools and resources to succeed.

We are dedicated to your success, and we know that by working hand-in-hand, we can make a real difference in the local ad industry and in your professional life.

We’re not just another tool - We are your team!

Our core values

The values that shape our culture




Integrity is a cornerstone of the Concept X brand. It means being honest, compassionate, and respectful to customers, partners, and colleagues. This value is about building trust and fostering solid relationships based on transparency and ethical behavior.




The curious spirit is a key part of Concept X's culture. Being curious means never stopping to learn and explore new ideas and perspectives. This value drives innovation and encourages team members to continuously seek new knowledge and ways of doing things.




The remarkable spirit is about striving for excellence in everything Concept X does. It means being dedicated to delivering high-quality work and always pushing the limits to achieve greater heights. This value is about the relentless pursuit of greatness and continuously improving.


Confident, but humble


Our confident but humble spirit means being passionate and proud of what the company does, but never forgetting where we came from. This value is about being grounded, approachable, and open-minded, while still having the confidence to take bold actions and make an impact.

Don’t just take our word for it

"Concept X truly holds a position as one of the market leaders in programmatic trading and high-impact formats in the Nordic region. The collaboration is an absolute delight, and the communication flows effortlessly."

Portrait of Håkan Hamrin)

Håkan Hamrin

Head of Programmatic, Stampen Media

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for enhanced efficiency

Simplified buyer journey

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Connected value chain

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