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We make the local ad space stronger!

We’re on a mission to simplifying the buyer journey and driving innovation to create better ad products, smarter ways of working and sustainable growth in the local ad industry.

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We unlock opportunities and drive mutual benefits across the digital eco-system


Simplify your ad success


Our unique contextual technology connects you with your target audience for maximum reach and relevance.

Say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of the complex advertising process. Experience the power of a streamlined buyer journey with Concept X to accelerate your success.


Unlock publisher growth


Unlock growth with Concept X, the leading platform for the independent publisher in the digital ad space.

Enjoy market-leading ad products integrated with contextual targeting, and fast-track your growth journey with our effective ad products, technologies and services.


Fast-track the journey


We provide instant revenue and market access through strategic partnerships and investments.

We are an active partner working in close collaboration with you as your extended team to fast-track the growth journey of entrepreneurs in the advertising industry.

Our services

We’re breaking down barriers to drive sustainable growth for all stakeholders


  • Simplify ad planning
  • Streamline ad delivery
  • Increase reach and relevance
  • Access one-point of contact


  • Maximise revenue growth
  • Boost ad performance
  • Expand reach and relevance
  • Strengthen local presence


  • Accelerate business growth
  • Generate instant revenue
  • Achieve efficient operations
  • Access partners & investments

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A portfolio of brands that unites and simplifies the value chain to drive efficiencies

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The ultimate toolbox to accelerate your success

Concept X simplifies the complex world of digital advertising and makes it easier for you to reach your goals.

Our focus on innovation, strategic partnerships, and investment in ad technology and services ensures you have the tools and resources to succeed.




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"Concept X is always adaptable, curious, and ambitious, making them a true pleasure to work with as we deliver top-notch solutions for our shared clients. Plus, they're genuinely great people, which is simply invaluable!"

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Johnny Rosenquist

Executive Director, Carat

Accelerate your success in the digital ad space