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Understanding Adnami Viewability: A Guide for Advertisers and Agencies

In the evolving world of programmatic advertising, understanding viewability metrics is crucial for optimizing high-impact campaigns. If you’re utilizing Adnami’s technology suite, it’s essential to grasp the nuances between Adnami’s viewability metrics and those from other platforms like Google Ad Manager (GAM).

The Core Difference

Adnami’s Viewability Metrics:

  • Real-time Viewability: Adnami measures viewability in real-time, ensuring that ads are genuinely seen by users.
  • Dynamic Ad Formats: Specialized in high-impact formats like skins and scrollers, Adnami's metrics are tailored to these dynamic ad types.

Google Ad Manager (GAM) Metrics:

  • Standard Viewability: GAM provides a more general measure of viewability, which might not fully capture the impact of high-impact formats.

Why Adnami’s Metrics Matter

  • True Engagement: Adnami focuses on ensuring that ads are not just served but viewed in a meaningful way, accounting for user engagement and interaction.
  • Accuracy: Metrics provided by DSPs and platforms like GAM might not fully align with the specialized nature of high-impact formats. Adnami offers a more accurate picture of how these ads perform.

Bridging the Gap

As a programmatic buyer, relying solely on DSP metrics can lead to an incomplete understanding of your campaign’s performance. To optimize your high-impact campaigns, it’s vital to integrate Adnami’s suite for a comprehensive viewability analysis. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • Compare Metrics: Regularly compare DSP viewability metrics with those provided by Adnami to identify discrepancies and better understand ad performance.
  • Leverage Adnami Tools: Utilize Adnami’s reporting tools to gain deeper insights into engagement and viewability specific to high-impact formats.
  • Optimize Campaigns: Use the insights from Adnami’s metrics to make informed decisions about ad placements, formats, and strategies, ensuring that your campaigns achieve maximum impact.


In the competitive landscape of digital advertising, leveraging accurate and specialized metrics is key to driving success. Adnami’s viewability metrics provide the detailed insights necessary for optimizing high-impact programmatic campaigns. By integrating these metrics into your analysis, you can ensure that your ads are not only seen but truly engaged with, leading to better campaign outcomes.

For more detailed information, visit Adnami’s viewability guide or contact us at Concept X for personalized support.

Christian Ortwed

Partner & Chief Revenue Officer