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Concept X simplifies the complex world of digital advertising and makes it easier for you, as an advertiser, to reach your goals.

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Captivate your audience with unforgettable ads

Memorable impact

Concept X empowers you to unleash the full potential of unforgettable ads, captivating your audience’s attention and leaving an enduring impact. Discover the art of making a lasting impression with ads that resonate long after they are seen.

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Lasting connections

Concept X helps you nurture profound audience connections through ads that evoke emotions, kindle curiosity and fuel engagements, Craft and deliver attention grabbing ads that shareable, relatable, and unforgettable, cultivating enduring bonds and driving word-of-mouth.

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Unforgettable branding

Concept X equips you to establish an enduring brand presence in your audience’s minds, leveraging ads that radiate distinctiveness, memorability and recognisability consistently cross touchpoints. Forge an unforgettable brand experience for your audience, triggering heightened brand recall, recognition and brand love.

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Fuel brand impact

Unleash contextual relevance at scale

Maximise your brand impact with contextual relevance and meaningful connections that leave a lasting impression.

Experience the power of targeted advertising, delivered at scale across leading publishers in the Nordics.

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We empower advertisers to streamline advertising efforts and amplify results

Our portfolio of brands unites and simplifies the value chain to make your advertising more efficient. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our one-stop shopping solution to save time, effort, and resources.

The connected value chain

Accelerate your success in the digital ad space

Bý collaborating with Concept X, you can access teams of experts throughout the connected value chain to succeed at every step while saving valuable time and resources.

Mix and match services tailored to your needs to drive efficiencies, brand impact and engagement.

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"Concept X is always adaptable, curious, and ambitious, making them a true pleasure to work with as we deliver top-notch solutions for our shared clients. Plus, they're genuinely great people, which is simply invaluable!"

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