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Concept X simplifies the complex world of digital advertising and makes it easier for you, as a publisher, to reach your goals.

Trusted by thousands of advertisers and publishers

Complete suite for digital publishers

Unlimited Demand

Fast-track Growth

Innovative Solutions

Experienced Team


Competitive advantage to secure all types of demand

Get set up for success

Concept X helps you unlock your full potential, taking back control to secure earnings in a crowded media landscape where most publishers struggle to stand out.

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Supercharged inventory

Collaborating with Concept X allows you to work with all types of brands. Benefit from high-quality ad placements and premium rates, stand out in the market, elevate your reputation and attract even more top-tier advertisers.

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Increased market share

With Concept X by your side, you become part of the preferred platform for industry leaders seeking impactful advertising. We make your inventory relevant, and increase your credibility, attracting category-leading advertisers and driving revenue growth for your business 24/7.

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Fast-track Growth

Unleash your potential

Become a part of something bigger

Create meaningful connections with advertisers through our contextual media verticals to deliver lasting impressions.

Experience the power of targeted advertising, delivered at scale.

A strong portfolio of brands

We empower all publishers for increased revenue growth

Our house of brands simplifies the buyer journey by driving innovation to create better ad products and smarter ways of working for more sustainable growth in the local ad industry.

The connected value chain

Accelerate your success in the digital ad space

By joining Concept X, you can leverage our connected value chain to deliver better results and continued growth.

Our simplified buyer journey fuels creativity, improves efficiency, and increases impact for both advertisers and publishers.

Full funnel support

for enhanced efficiency

Simplified buyer journey

for greater creativity

Connected value chain

for better results

Don’t just take our word for it

"Concept X truly holds a position as one of the market leaders in programmatic trading and high-impact formats in the Nordic region. The collaboration is an absolute delight, and the communication flows effortlessly."

Portrait of Håkan Hamrin)

Håkan Hamrin

Head of Programmatic, Stampen Media