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Make Every Interaction Count

Ever feel like the internet's just one big shout-fest, with every ad vying for your gaze? What if ads didn't just yell, but actually sparked a convo with you? Enter the world of interactive ads, where clicking isn't just a mundane task—it's the start of an adventure. At Concept X, we're reimagining ads as interactive journeys, where every click or interaction deepens the connection between brands and their audience. And with Hello Creative leading the charge, get ready for a splash of creativity that makes each ad a memorable experience.

Why Be Boring When You Can Interact?

Imagine ads that beckon you closer with the promise of a story, a challenge, or a revelation. These interactive marvels are all about making you a part of the narrative, transforming passive scrolling into engaging experiences.

Let's Get Creative

  1. What's Your Flavor? Quizzes & Polls
    Kickstart your day with a quirky quiz that nails your coffee personality or a poll that dreams up your next vacation. It's not just engaging; it's downright delightful.
  2. Choose Your Own Adventure: Interactive Videos
    Fancy directing the storyline with a click? Interactive videos let you do just that. Your choices shape the narrative, offering a personalized twist to every viewing.
  3. Game On: Gamified Goodness
    Remember the allure of arcade games? Gamified ads bring that thrill to the digital sphere. Earn points, unlock rewards, and enjoy a playful break from the mundane.
  4. Swipe & Discover: Carousel Ads
    Why settle for static when you can swipe your way through a story? Carousel ads invite users to explore more, one swipe at a time, unveiling product features, benefits, or even mini-stories.
  5. Puzzle Pieces: Interactive Infographics
    Turn data into a discovery journey. Interactive infographics invite users to engage with information, uncovering insights piece by piece. It's not just informative; it's immersive.

Spotlight on Hello Creative

Hello Creative isn't just about making things look pretty (though we're pretty good at that too); it's about injecting fun, engagement, and, yes, creativity into every ad. We believe that the best ads are the ones that make you feel something—curiosity, joy, anticipation. That's the magic we bring to every project, turning ordinary ads into extraordinary experiences.

So, What's Next?

Interactive ads are the future, blending innovation with engagement to create memorable brand encounters. And at Concept X, with Hello Creative at the helm, we're not just following trends—we're setting them.

Let's make the digital world more than just a space to advertise; let's make it a playground of creativity and engagement. Get in touch with Concept X today, and let's create ads that don't just get seen—they get remembered.

Christian Ortwed

Partner & Chief Revenue Officer