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Shifting Sands: Google's Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out Moved to 2025

In a pivotal update that has rippled across the digital advertising landscape, Google has announced yet another delay in its plan to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome. Now pushed to 2025, this move marks the third postponement, underscoring ongoing complexities and the need for a more integrated approach to privacy-first advertising. What does this mean for publishers and advertisers, and how can businesses prepare for this extended timeline?

The Ongoing Saga of Cookie Deprecation

Initially set for a 2022 execution, Google's timeline for phasing out third-party cookies has seen multiple extensions. The rationale? To allow adequate time for the ad industry to adapt to the privacy sandbox technologies, which aim to provide alternatives that uphold privacy while still delivering on advertiser needs. This latest delay, as noted in Google's recent announcement, stems from discussions with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), ensuring a collaborative approach to this significant shift.

Impact on the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Third-party cookies have been instrumental in enabling targeted advertising and audience insights. Their removal is poised to disrupt many aspects of digital marketing, from ad targeting and measurement to the overall effectiveness of digital campaigns. Google's phased approach reflects the challenges and the need for a stable transition, ensuring that both privacy and commercial interests are balanced.

Preparing for a Cookieless Future

For publishers and advertisers, this extended timeline should be seen as an opportunity to test and learn with the new tools proposed under Google's Privacy Sandbox initiative. Embracing first-party data strategies, enhancing direct relationships with consumers, and experimenting with context-based advertising can mitigate the impact of losing third-party cookies.

Concept X’s Role in Navigating Changes

At Concept X, we are poised to assist our partners through this transition. Leveraging our innovative platforms and collaborative ecosystem, we can help advertisers and publishers harness first-party data and explore new advertising technologies that comply with enhanced privacy standards.


While the delay in deprecating third-party cookies may offer temporary relief, it signals a clear mandate for the ad industry: evolve or risk obsolescence. As we move closer to a privacy-centric world, staying informed and agile will be key. At Concept X, we commit to guiding our stakeholders through these changes, ensuring that your advertising strategies remain both effective and compliant.

Kasper Dalby

Chief Supply Officer & Partner